Sunday, January 26, 2014

More on Sweatshirt Dresses

Why Sweatshirt Dresses: Sweatshirt dresses are warm and snug. They're perfect for chillier temperatures.The one I'm wearing to the left I bought from Gap. It's great. I dress it up with a large belt and usually I wear a cardigan with it. If you find one that naturally accentuates your waist then a belt isn't necessary. But even so, don't be afraid to add a belt. A belt could add flare to it!

Advice: If you find a rather plain sweatshirt dress, don't turn up your nose to it. If you like more exciting clothes pair it with an exciting cardigan or eye-catching accessory such as a necklace, belt, scarf, etc. Of course, you can pair your dress with more than one accessory. Before you leave the house, just make sure the outfit feels right and looks right.