Thursday, January 23, 2014

So Boho

Why I Like the Bohemian Look:
Being bohemian is a simple way to feel freer and more unique. It's comfortable and can be feminine all at the same time. And I love how easily I can add a couple of accessories to any outfit and give it a bohemian flare or go completely bohemian by choosing a couple boho clothing items. I also like the way it works with my sweet style, adding a little flavor. According to and my own personal experience, here are several helpful list.

Here are some examples of shoes and accessories you can add to any ordinary or plain outfit
  1. moccasin boots/ moccasins
  2. boho-chic necklaces (usually involves multi-layers)
  3. gladiator sandals
  4. hobo bags
  5. a scarf with an ethnic print
  6. beanie hats (can be)
  7. bangles
Prints Associated With the Style:
  1. Ethnic Prints
  2. Tribal Prints
  3. Floral Prints
Decorations Associated With  the Style:
  1. Lace
  2. Fringe
Clothing Items Associated With Style: 
  1. Maxi skirts
  2. Maxi dresses
  3. Palazzo Pants 
  4. Peasant shirts
  5. Gypsy skirts

Here's a Plain Outfit                                                                        Same Outfit With Boho Accessories

The pic to the right uses the same outfit as the pic to the left. It just adds a couple of bohemian accessories. The accessories used are: a fringe purse, fringe scarf, and a boho multi-chained necklace.

Adding accessories is a not only a simple way to make an outfit more bohemian, but it also adds flare to an outfit that is otherwise pretty boring. 

How to Keep the Bohemian Look Alive:

Many people think the bohemian style had died out. Turns out, people like me are keeping it alive. As you can see above, it doesn't take much to make an outfit more boho-chic. And I should tell you that it's a style anyone and everyone can find something appealing in.