Thursday, February 27, 2014

4 Edgy Outfits

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Edgy outfits may be a little hard to put together if you're not used to making them. Don't worry about it! It's easier than you think! So easy, that the examples on the left side of are enough to inspire you to create you own edgy outfits!

4 Romantic Outfits

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Monday, February 24, 2014

4 Really Boho Outfit Ideas

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The bohemian style still exists! There are tons of bohemian outfits on the market. Look closely for them!

 Here are a couple of outfits I made from different bits and pieces I found.
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Sunday, February 23, 2014

6 Things That Go Well with a Maxi Dress




1. Blazer: A blazer is a really simple way to add a sophisticated vibe to any outfit!

2. Scarf: Scarves are a fabulous accessory to just about any outfit. If you have a plain maxi dress, finding a printed scarf will add color and make the outfit more interesting!

3. Wide Belt: Belts are a fantastic tool you should use to exaggerate your waistline. Wide ones tend to go well with maxi dresses.

4. Button Up: If you leave the button up unbuttoned, you give your outfit a cool, casual look. However, buttoning it over a maxi dress is super cute and is another way you can give your outfit a more sophisticated appeal.

 5. Cropped Denim Jackets: I personally love cropped denim jackets for multiple reasons including their versatility, comfort and availability during the warmer months. They are extremely cute with both plain and printed maxi dresses!

6. Pullover Sweaters: Pullover sweaters are really warm and cozy. They'll go fantastically with a maxi dress that happens to be short to no sleeves. Seeing that it's nowhere near summery, hot weather, bundle up in this for the rest of the winter and when it's cold enough in the spring!

What do you think goes well with maxi dresses? Tell me in the comments!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Transitions into Spring: Outfit Ideas for Romantic Girls This Spring

Transition into Spring: For Romantic Girls

Be romantic this spring in these clothing items!

What is Romanticism?
                Think of it as a whimsical or girlish style usually portrayed by the use of lace, floral prints, pastels, and draping clothing.
  • Lacy Blouse
    • Lace is key in romanticism. It's a very feminine detail that romantics crave! Thankfully, lacy blouses are sold in dozens of stores during the spring! It'll be hard NOT to find one!
  • Lace-Backed and/or Draping Lightweight Cardigan
    • You'll ooze femininity in this, especially if it's in a pastel color! Strive to get a cardigan that is both lace-backed and draping if you want it to be even more romantic.
  • A-Line Skirt
    • There's something about a-lines that are simply and extremely romantic. It's a bonus if it is covered in lace or in a floral print. If you're interested in finding one, they're found everywhere from Forever 21 to Lord & Taylor.
  • Floral Print Dress
    • Casual or formal, floral print dresses are absolutely perfect for spring. The floral print seems to go  go along with springtime because of the appealing floral pattern that mimics the blooming flowers in real life. Floral prints are also very common among romantics. If you're romantic, you most likely will find anything floral appealing.
  • Floral Print Blouse
    •  Not only does the floral pattern mimic the springtime (as stated above), but a blouse is less restrictive and looser than many shirts which is how romantic clothing items tend to be.
    • Lightweight Floral Print Scarf
      • As you have probably noticed by now floral print is very important! It's perfect to brighten up or add a romantic touch to a dull outfit.
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    Thursday, February 20, 2014

    Transitions into Spring: Outfit Ideas for Bohemian Girls

    The Transition into Spring: For Boho-Chic Girls

    There are key items many bohemian girls needs to her wardrobe for spring.  I'll go through several.
    • Gypsy Skirts:
      • Now that the weather is warming up, try a gypsy skirt. They're as boho as maxi skirts and perfect for this time of year! A bonus will be if you find a couple with lace trims. (Lace is considered to be bohemian as well as romantic).
    • Draping  Lightweight Cardigan:
      • Draping clothes are essential for a bohemian wardrobe. That makes this cardigan terrific for any bohemian girl that doesn't want to be chilly in this season.
    • Lightweight Maxi Dresses:
      • Maxi dresses, a lot like maxi skirts are also one of the essentials. A lightweight one is absolutely perfect for spring as I've expressed in one of my last posts.  
    • Lightweight Fringe Scarves: 
      • Fringe is an element used a lot in bohemian clothes. This makes the fringe scarf a big part of the Boho Family.
    •  Lightweight Palazzo Pants:
      • The bohemian style usually consists of flowing articles of clothing and draping pieces.This is why a pair of lightweight palazzo pants are absolutely perfect for a bohemian girl in the spring. 
    • Lightweight Cardigans in Floral Prints: 
      • Anything in floral prints are automatically bohemian. For spring, remember it still can be a bit chilly. Wearing a lightweight floral-print cardigan is absolutely perfect for this kind of weather.
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    Transitions into Spring: Outfit Ideas for Edgy Girls This Spring

    Wednesday, February 19, 2014

    Transitions Into Spring: For Every Edgy Girl

    Hey guys! These items are for especially edgy girls. You don't need all the items here, but any of these would help you get an Edgy wardrobe in time for spring.
    Check it out!
    • Leather Jacket: 
      • A lightweight leather jacket is absolutely perfect for this time of year. While the weather is not too hot or cold, enjoy being able to wear this versatile piece.
    • Ripped Leggings:
      • I daresay that ripped leggings are absolutely perfect for this time of year for any edgy girl. Rips automatically add some edge to any article of clothing. However, if you're not too fond of leggings in general, ripped jeans are definitely more for you.
    • Ripped Jeans:
      • Ripped Jeans are a definite yes especially if you already love jeans. Like ripped leggings, the rips add an edginess to not only the jeans, but any other outfit you wear with them.
    • Leather Skirt:
      • Since leather is every edgy girl's best friend, a leather skirt is absolutely perfect you. Try to find one in a lighter weight so you can wear it for  spring, summer and even fall if you have a matching pair of leggings.
    • Wedge Sneakers: 
      • They're perfect for about every season but especially for Spring. Summer's a little too hot and winter is more for boots. 
    • Graphic Tee:
      • Graphic Tee-Shirts are sold everywhere. They include shirts that have pics of Mickey Mouse on them to shirts with superheroes etched on the front.
    If you want outfit ideas for these six items, you can find them here. Enjoy guys!

    Sunday, February 16, 2014

    The Transition Into Spring: Items You'll Want to Try

    In all honesty, I'm fed up with the winter! I'd like to wear a tee-shirt outside without freezing in the arctic climate. I already have a couple of  items I'm looking forward to wearing this spring.
    • Lacy Vest
      • I have a lacy vest I've pretty much forgotten about since a couple of years ago but I'm ready to bring  it back out this year!
      • Try a Lacy Vest with...
        • A maxi skirt, plain blouse and a pair of flats.
        • Jeans, a plain t-shirt , and a pair of tall boots (if it's cold enough for boots).
    • Button Up Shirt:
      • Button up shirts always come into style around this year. They come in both short and long-sleeves and numerous prints, however, floral prints  are a favorite during this time. 
      • Try a Button Up with...
        • a pair of jeggings and tall boots.
        • a pencil skirt and printed purse
        • leave the button up unbuttoned to reveal an underlying shirt. This will look cool if the underlying shirt or the button up is an intriguing print.
    •  Floral Dress
      • Floral dresses are absolutely perfect for Spring. Since Spring is a season where flowers bloom and everything returns to life, a floral dress is absolutely perfect for this season.
      • Try a Floral Dress with...
        • A fitted and/or cropped leather jacket  and a pair of ankle boots.
        • A boyfriend cardigan and a pair of flats with a floral print dress.
      • Lightweight Maxi Skirts
        • I would ADORE wearing a maxi skirt without leggings beneath them. Try a lightweight maxi for this spring instead of the thicker ones made for winter weather.
        • Different Outfits Combinations:
          • Plain Maxi: Try an embellished or printed blouse and a pair of wedge sandals with it.
          • Printed Maxi: A plain blouse/top, ankle boots and a long scarf is perfect for a printed maxi.
      • Midi Skirts
        • They've been all the rage this year. They come in geometric prints, lace, floral print and more. This means there's one for every girl! Won't it be nice to be able to finally wear one without a pair of leggings beneath them?
        • Try a Midi Skirt with...
          •  a pastel button up, floral print scarf and a pair of flats with it.
          • tuck a pastel chiffon blouse into a white midi for a soft, cutesy look
      • Denim Jacket/ Cropped Denim Jacket:
        • If it's spring outside, it'll be warm enough to rock a denim jacket. The versatility of the denim jacket makes it a fantastic asset during this time of the year.
        • Try a Denim Jacket/Cropped Denim Jacket with...
          • a graphic tee, ripped jeans and wedge-heeled sneakers (edgier outfit)
          • a blouse, maxi skirt and closed-toe wedge sandals
          • a neutral colored tee-shirt, colored skinny jeans and a pair of flats that match your tee.

      Wednesday, February 12, 2014

      Outfits I Love: Edgy Girl's Pleasure

      What I Love About this Outfit:

      Blue and black has never looked cuter! My friend has really pulled off an amazing outfit. What is cuter than boots, a dress and a fashionable necklace?
      I'll tell you: an outfit with boots, a dress, a fashionable necklace AND an edgy belt! In my opinion, there is nothing better than a trendy or edgy belt to tie up the waist of a loose fitting dress! As for the statement necklace, it adds a certain flare to the outfit too that really sets it off. I think the necklace is actually what I loved the most about it. It's also key element that makes this outfit edgy along with the belt and the dress itself.
      Meanwhile, the cardigan makes the outfit more refined. The contrast adds a bit of excitement to it.

      I immediately had to take a picture of this outfit when I saw my friend standing it in! She just looked so cute in it! So cute, in fact she deserved to be put onto the internet and so, here she is!

      Contact me with any comments, compliments for my wonderful model, or questions.
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      Monday, February 3, 2014

      Adding Flare

      Have you ever had a really plain outfit you really wanted to spruce up? Like you, I have too. When outfits seem a little too boring, I find items to add flare to it!

      So what do I mean by a plain/boring outfit?
           A boring outfit is just an outfit that doesn't have any flare or anything interesting to it at all. It may lack color or even additional layers such as cardigans, or jackets. For example, the outfit to the right. This outfit is incredibly plain. The only color it has in it is black and blue if you count the jeans. It also doesn't have any any additional clothes or accessories. Not even a belt!

      1. Jackets: Try adding a fashionable jacket, blazer or cardigan. Believe it or not, this simple step can add a little pizzazz to an otherwise boring outfit. Jackets, blazers or cardigans naturally add oomph to an outfit, especially when they're in bright colors or patterns. 
      2. Accessories: Add accessories to plain outfits. Don't be shy about wearing more than one. You'll know when you're going overboard with adding them, so don't worry.
        1. Try adding Scarves: Both long and short will work terrifically.
        2. Necklaces: Long necklaces are especially eye catching but short necklaces with small charms also work well.
        3. Handbags: Any bag will do, really. 
        4. Other Jewelry: Add whatever jewelry you'd like! Keep in mind that boldly colored, shimmery or metallic items make more of an impression on an outfit.
        5. Hats: Try beanies, fedoras or berets but if you're not too into any of them any other hat could work.
      3. Shoes: Try a pair of shoes in a radiant color or with some sort of decoration such as lace, fringe, or a print, but keep in mind that it must match your outfit.

      Here are some examples of clothing items to add to make a plain outfit more interesting.

      Here's an example of adding a scarf or

      A blazer in a bright color and a
      long necklace is also
      a bold fashion statement.

      I love moccasin boots! A pair of boots
      with embellishments like fringe are
      simply perfect for a plain outfit.