Sunday, February 23, 2014

6 Things That Go Well with a Maxi Dress




1. Blazer: A blazer is a really simple way to add a sophisticated vibe to any outfit!

2. Scarf: Scarves are a fabulous accessory to just about any outfit. If you have a plain maxi dress, finding a printed scarf will add color and make the outfit more interesting!

3. Wide Belt: Belts are a fantastic tool you should use to exaggerate your waistline. Wide ones tend to go well with maxi dresses.

4. Button Up: If you leave the button up unbuttoned, you give your outfit a cool, casual look. However, buttoning it over a maxi dress is super cute and is another way you can give your outfit a more sophisticated appeal.

 5. Cropped Denim Jackets: I personally love cropped denim jackets for multiple reasons including their versatility, comfort and availability during the warmer months. They are extremely cute with both plain and printed maxi dresses!

6. Pullover Sweaters: Pullover sweaters are really warm and cozy. They'll go fantastically with a maxi dress that happens to be short to no sleeves. Seeing that it's nowhere near summery, hot weather, bundle up in this for the rest of the winter and when it's cold enough in the spring!

What do you think goes well with maxi dresses? Tell me in the comments!