Monday, February 3, 2014

Adding Flare

Have you ever had a really plain outfit you really wanted to spruce up? Like you, I have too. When outfits seem a little too boring, I find items to add flare to it!

So what do I mean by a plain/boring outfit?
     A boring outfit is just an outfit that doesn't have any flare or anything interesting to it at all. It may lack color or even additional layers such as cardigans, or jackets. For example, the outfit to the right. This outfit is incredibly plain. The only color it has in it is black and blue if you count the jeans. It also doesn't have any any additional clothes or accessories. Not even a belt!

  1. Jackets: Try adding a fashionable jacket, blazer or cardigan. Believe it or not, this simple step can add a little pizzazz to an otherwise boring outfit. Jackets, blazers or cardigans naturally add oomph to an outfit, especially when they're in bright colors or patterns. 
  2. Accessories: Add accessories to plain outfits. Don't be shy about wearing more than one. You'll know when you're going overboard with adding them, so don't worry.
    1. Try adding Scarves: Both long and short will work terrifically.
    2. Necklaces: Long necklaces are especially eye catching but short necklaces with small charms also work well.
    3. Handbags: Any bag will do, really. 
    4. Other Jewelry: Add whatever jewelry you'd like! Keep in mind that boldly colored, shimmery or metallic items make more of an impression on an outfit.
    5. Hats: Try beanies, fedoras or berets but if you're not too into any of them any other hat could work.
  3. Shoes: Try a pair of shoes in a radiant color or with some sort of decoration such as lace, fringe, or a print, but keep in mind that it must match your outfit.

Here are some examples of clothing items to add to make a plain outfit more interesting.

Here's an example of adding a scarf or

A blazer in a bright color and a
long necklace is also
a bold fashion statement.

I love moccasin boots! A pair of boots
with embellishments like fringe are
simply perfect for a plain outfit.