Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Transition into Spring: For Boho-Chic Girls

There are key items many bohemian girls needs to her wardrobe for spring.  I'll go through several.
  • Gypsy Skirts:
    • Now that the weather is warming up, try a gypsy skirt. They're as boho as maxi skirts and perfect for this time of year! A bonus will be if you find a couple with lace trims. (Lace is considered to be bohemian as well as romantic).
  • Draping  Lightweight Cardigan:
    • Draping clothes are essential for a bohemian wardrobe. That makes this cardigan terrific for any bohemian girl that doesn't want to be chilly in this season.
  • Lightweight Maxi Dresses:
    • Maxi dresses, a lot like maxi skirts are also one of the essentials. A lightweight one is absolutely perfect for spring as I've expressed in one of my last posts.  
  • Lightweight Fringe Scarves: 
    • Fringe is an element used a lot in bohemian clothes. This makes the fringe scarf a big part of the Boho Family.
  •  Lightweight Palazzo Pants:
    • The bohemian style usually consists of flowing articles of clothing and draping pieces.This is why a pair of lightweight palazzo pants are absolutely perfect for a bohemian girl in the spring. 
  • Lightweight Cardigans in Floral Prints: 
    • Anything in floral prints are automatically bohemian. For spring, remember it still can be a bit chilly. Wearing a lightweight floral-print cardigan is absolutely perfect for this kind of weather.
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