Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Transition Into Spring: Items You'll Want to Try

In all honesty, I'm fed up with the winter! I'd like to wear a tee-shirt outside without freezing in the arctic climate. I already have a couple of  items I'm looking forward to wearing this spring.
  • Lacy Vest
    • I have a lacy vest I've pretty much forgotten about since a couple of years ago but I'm ready to bring  it back out this year!
    • Try a Lacy Vest with...
      • A maxi skirt, plain blouse and a pair of flats.
      • Jeans, a plain t-shirt , and a pair of tall boots (if it's cold enough for boots).
  • Button Up Shirt:
    • Button up shirts always come into style around this year. They come in both short and long-sleeves and numerous prints, however, floral prints  are a favorite during this time. 
    • Try a Button Up with...
      • a pair of jeggings and tall boots.
      • a pencil skirt and printed purse
      • leave the button up unbuttoned to reveal an underlying shirt. This will look cool if the underlying shirt or the button up is an intriguing print.
  •  Floral Dress
    • Floral dresses are absolutely perfect for Spring. Since Spring is a season where flowers bloom and everything returns to life, a floral dress is absolutely perfect for this season.
    • Try a Floral Dress with...
      • A fitted and/or cropped leather jacket  and a pair of ankle boots.
      • A boyfriend cardigan and a pair of flats with a floral print dress.
    • Lightweight Maxi Skirts
      • I would ADORE wearing a maxi skirt without leggings beneath them. Try a lightweight maxi for this spring instead of the thicker ones made for winter weather.
      • Different Outfits Combinations:
        • Plain Maxi: Try an embellished or printed blouse and a pair of wedge sandals with it.
        • Printed Maxi: A plain blouse/top, ankle boots and a long scarf is perfect for a printed maxi.
    • Midi Skirts
      • They've been all the rage this year. They come in geometric prints, lace, floral print and more. This means there's one for every girl! Won't it be nice to be able to finally wear one without a pair of leggings beneath them?
      • Try a Midi Skirt with...
        •  a pastel button up, floral print scarf and a pair of flats with it.
        • tuck a pastel chiffon blouse into a white midi for a soft, cutesy look
    • Denim Jacket/ Cropped Denim Jacket:
      • If it's spring outside, it'll be warm enough to rock a denim jacket. The versatility of the denim jacket makes it a fantastic asset during this time of the year.
      • Try a Denim Jacket/Cropped Denim Jacket with...
        • a graphic tee, ripped jeans and wedge-heeled sneakers (edgier outfit)
        • a blouse, maxi skirt and closed-toe wedge sandals
        • a neutral colored tee-shirt, colored skinny jeans and a pair of flats that match your tee.