Saturday, February 22, 2014

Transition into Spring: For Romantic Girls

Be romantic this spring in these clothing items!

What is Romanticism?
                Think of it as a whimsical or girlish style usually portrayed by the use of lace, floral prints, pastels, and draping clothing.
  • Lacy Blouse
    • Lace is key in romanticism. It's a very feminine detail that romantics crave! Thankfully, lacy blouses are sold in dozens of stores during the spring! It'll be hard NOT to find one!
  • Lace-Backed and/or Draping Lightweight Cardigan
    • You'll ooze femininity in this, especially if it's in a pastel color! Strive to get a cardigan that is both lace-backed and draping if you want it to be even more romantic.
  • A-Line Skirt
    • There's something about a-lines that are simply and extremely romantic. It's a bonus if it is covered in lace or in a floral print. If you're interested in finding one, they're found everywhere from Forever 21 to Lord & Taylor.
  • Floral Print Dress
    • Casual or formal, floral print dresses are absolutely perfect for spring. The floral print seems to go  go along with springtime because of the appealing floral pattern that mimics the blooming flowers in real life. Floral prints are also very common among romantics. If you're romantic, you most likely will find anything floral appealing.
  • Floral Print Blouse
    •  Not only does the floral pattern mimic the springtime (as stated above), but a blouse is less restrictive and looser than many shirts which is how romantic clothing items tend to be.
    • Lightweight Floral Print Scarf
      • As you have probably noticed by now floral print is very important! It's perfect to brighten up or add a romantic touch to a dull outfit.
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