Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Transitions Into Spring: For Every Edgy Girl

Hey guys! These items are for especially edgy girls. You don't need all the items here, but any of these would help you get an Edgy wardrobe in time for spring.
Check it out!
  • Leather Jacket: 
    • A lightweight leather jacket is absolutely perfect for this time of year. While the weather is not too hot or cold, enjoy being able to wear this versatile piece.
  • Ripped Leggings:
    • I daresay that ripped leggings are absolutely perfect for this time of year for any edgy girl. Rips automatically add some edge to any article of clothing. However, if you're not too fond of leggings in general, ripped jeans are definitely more for you.
  • Ripped Jeans:
    • Ripped Jeans are a definite yes especially if you already love jeans. Like ripped leggings, the rips add an edginess to not only the jeans, but any other outfit you wear with them.
  • Leather Skirt:
    • Since leather is every edgy girl's best friend, a leather skirt is absolutely perfect you. Try to find one in a lighter weight so you can wear it for  spring, summer and even fall if you have a matching pair of leggings.
  • Wedge Sneakers: 
    • They're perfect for about every season but especially for Spring. Summer's a little too hot and winter is more for boots. 
  • Graphic Tee:
    • Graphic Tee-Shirts are sold everywhere. They include shirts that have pics of Mickey Mouse on them to shirts with superheroes etched on the front.
If you want outfit ideas for these six items, you can find them here. Enjoy guys!