Monday, March 24, 2014

My Bohemian Closet

Why I Love the Bohemian Style:

It's sort of hard to sum up exactly why I love the style but I'll give it a go! Being bohemian also means being free-spirited and even artsy. I've always been a fan of going with the flow and just living life. I'm also a practicing artist so I feel the style really complements me. I also love the feel of the style. I feel free in these clothes. I also feel very girlish and feminine, a feeling that's very satisfying for me. 

My Bohemian Closet:
Here's what I wear to show off my style-
  • ethnic print palazzo pants
  • ethnic print maxi skirt
  • ethnic print jersey skirt
  • ethnic print sweater
  • tye-dye maxi skirt
  • draping, lace-back cardigan
  • long, plain maxi
  • moccasin boots
  • long, blue scarf (usually worn as a headscarf)
  • gypsy skirt
  • Aztec print cardigan
  • fringe, cross-body leather bag
  • plain maxi dress

(These aren't all of my bohemian items. Just the ones I usually wear when making a statement)