Monday, March 3, 2014

Parallels between Romanticism and Bohemianism

Romanticism and Bohemianism are considered two different styles and they are. While Bohemianism is more about freedom and is more artsy, Romanticism is more whimsical and girly. However, I've seen parallels between the two styles. It's hard not to!

Romantic and Bohemian Outfit
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How They're Alike:

  • Draping/flowing clothes
  • Attraction to paisley
  • Attraction to floral prints
  • Feminine
  • Attraction to lengthy skirts
  • Vintage
  • Love for accessories
  • And many more
These similarities make it super-easy to create outfits that are a blend of both styles! I have to say, the outfits possible with these two styles are super adorable! It pleases me greatly to consider the great outfits that incorporate both styles!

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