Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Simple, Cute & Cozy Looks for Winter

Simple, Cute & Cozy Outfits for Winter

Sweater on Sweater
    To bundle up this winter, you may choose the sweater on sweater look. Not only will you be warm, but also stylish.  The example below features a tribal print Aztec sweater over an otherwise black outfit. The eye-catching sweater will be the focus of you outfit.

The Poncho Girl:
      Seems like ponchos are suddenly in. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Ponchos are cozy and comfortable! Experiment with them and try to find a cute style that fits you!
Ooh La-Layered Prep:
      For an easy preppy look, layer a sweater over a button up shirt. It seems too simple but it really transforms outfits. Match it with a pair of ripped jeans to add a bit of edge to your preppy look.

Denim Shirts and Maxi Skirts
       Believe it or not, these two items are a good combination! To spice things up, tuck the denim shirt into your maxi or unbutton it to reveal a cute top. Either way, you'll look super.

Turtle Neck Sweater:
       A nice, warm turtle neck sweater looks excellent over a pair of skinny jeans. To be super chic, add a pair of ankle boots to complete your look.